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Lament Psalms: A Prayer Language for Troubled Souls
When Christians learn to lament well by crying out to God for deliverance, remembering what He did in the past, finding hope and refuge in Him, and committing to praise Him no matter what, they are strengthened to live by faith and glorify God even in the midst of suffering.

The Deuteronomic Ideal for Kingship
Nov 12 2021
Through David and Solomon’s kingship, one can learn about the justice, mercy, and faithfulness of God.

The Believer’s Union with Christ
Nov 03 2021
Christians miss a lot of theological insights and biblical principles when they do not understand how their union with Christ relates to their salvation.

Historical Theology: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
There needs to be a clear understanding of the role and person of the Holy Spirit if the church is to grow spiritually.

Historical Theology: The Doctrine of Sanctification
The modern period witnessed different views of sanctification among Protestants. In A Tale of Two Pieties, William Evans explored the contours and implications of two pieties: the “nurture” model and the “conversionist” model.

Historical Theology: The Doctrine of Justification
The contemporary church needs to rediscover the Reformers' view of justification if they want their members to walk in a manner worthy of the gospel

Already, But Not Yet
Sep 21 2021
Why is it important for a believer to recognize the “already but not yet” concept of the kingdom of God?

Transformative Leadership
Aug 24 2021
One cannot ignore the necessity of biblical leadership especially in a time when the church’s moral and doctrinal fidelity is being challenged by a perverse and crooked generation.

Building Platforms or People?
Aug 17 2021
We live in an age where it’s very easy for pastors to focus on the breadth of the ministry rather than the depth.

The Importance of Spiritual Formation
Jul 21 2021
With so many pastors leaving the ministry, church leaders need to understand the importance of spiritual formation and its role in their life and ministry.