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Truth Wars and Theological Developments in Early Christian History
Knowing the development of the church’s understanding of the inspiration and authority of Scripture and its relationship to the Gospel makes us see how God’s sovereign hand orchestrated events, both good and bad to accomplish His will.

Faith and Courage in Early Christian History
While the reasons for the persecution instigated by the Jews and Romans differ in some ways, the fundamental core undergirding the Christians’ response to physical opposition was the same. It was their identity in Christ and imitation of Him that caused them to lay down their lives for His sake.

Identity in Christ
May 19 2020
Identity in Christ
 TJ Caparros
It is interesting to note that God allows His servants to experience low points in their lives for them to realize that their identity should not be based on what they do for Him but on what He has done for them in Christ.

Jesus Driven Ministry
May 04 2020
Jesus Driven Ministry has taught me that everything I do as a servant-leader must precede from my intimacy with God and identity in Christ.

Designed To Lead
Apr 21 2020
Designed To Lead
 TJ Caparros
I pray that God would ignite a passion in us to be a leadership locus that intentionally develops and deploys leaders who impact the world for Christ.

Cultivating Pastoral Resilience During the Pandemic
May the grace of God be the anchor that causes us to remain faithful to our calling as we seek to lead well and finish strong for His glory.

The Resurrection, The Kingdom, and The Coronavirus
What a joy it is to know that every good deed done for the sake of the gospel, no matter how small, has the potential of advancing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Discipleship in the Local Church
Feb 04 2019
Those early Christians not only identified what their spiritual gifts were, but faithfully used them in the making of other disciples.

A Church Shaped By The Word
Jan 14 2019
Indeed, the Reformation has taught the church this very important principle: The absolute and timeless truths of Scripture has the power to change a life, a city and an entire generation. And if the 21st century church is to have the same impact, she must have the same desire and commitment to be influenced and transformed by Scripture alone.

The Relationship Between Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
What a joy it is to know that whatever God allows to happen in our lives, His good plan will always prevail even when everything around us seems to be out of control.