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Boundary Markers
May 18 2022
Boundary Markers
 TJ Caparros
"...the values of nominal Christians are now being shaped by the culture while the persecution of Christians who choose to remain within the boundary markers that the New Testament designates for believers is growing worse than ever. Hence, it is crucial to identify these boundary markers and know how to uphold them when confronted by the culture."

Hope for the Christian Struggling with Sin
May 10 2022
Knowing that we are sinners allows us to extend grace when certain expectations are not met or when we have been sinned against. Moreover, it allows us to see others as saints who have been made perfect by the imputed righteousness of Christ.

May 05 2022
Irenaeus knew that there were no random events that took place in the history of the world but only well-ordered events that were orchestrated by a sovereign and gracious God. Furthermore, the development of Irenaeus’ theology as seen in the doctrine of recapitulation should encourage Christians to read the Scriptures with a Christological lens to equip them to defend the faith.

The Measuring Rod of Truth
Apr 13 2022
“If you understand the rule of faith, you see a coherent storyline from the time Adam falls to the time when Christ comes.” (Dr. Scott Manor)

The Davidic Covenant
Mar 22 2022
Since Jesus has proven through his life and the scriptures that he is the Davidic Messiah, I can face each day with hope knowing that he is coming again to fulfill everything God promised David.

Gospel Renewal and City Vision
Mar 07 2022
Our church is located in I.T. Park. It is considered to be the busiest business center in southern Philippines. Tyler Cowen states, “As for its economy, Cebu is a major center for business outsourcing, such as call centers, and thus has a close relationship with the global technology industry.” As we seek to engage our city with the gospel may the Holy Spirit empower us to be faithful to the truth and fruitful in mission so that Christ may be treasured above all.

Lament Psalms: A Prayer Language for Troubled Souls
When Christians learn to lament well by crying out to God for deliverance, remembering what He did in the past, finding hope and refuge in Him, and committing to praise Him no matter what, they are strengthened to live by faith and glorify God even in the midst of suffering.

The Deuteronomic Ideal for Kingship
Nov 12 2021
Through David and Solomon’s kingship, one can learn about the justice, mercy, and faithfulness of God.

The Believer’s Union with Christ
Nov 03 2021
Christians miss a lot of theological insights and biblical principles when they do not understand how their union with Christ relates to their salvation.

Historical Theology: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
There needs to be a clear understanding of the role and person of the Holy Spirit if the church is to grow spiritually.