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Why The Doctrine of Immutability Matters Today
In a world where change is inevitable, right theology and interpretation are equally important because they not only cause us to see things from God’s perspective but they also give us the assurance that He is sovereignly ruling the world in ways that are consistent with His character and purpose.

Why The Doctrine Of Providence Matters Today
When God's divine providence is rightly understood, Christians are able to live wisely for the glory of God.

A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C.S. Lewis
Lewis’s spiritual journey is more than a story of personal tragedies and triumphs. Brown shows us that Lewis’s life is ultimately about God’s redeeming grace that relentlessly pursues the elect for His glory.

Introduction to Jonah
Oct 19 2020
Introduction to Jonah
 Dr. Steven Guest
Jonah was a prophet of the Living God, and even though he may not be the best example of what it means to serve God well, the events that unfold in this short book still speak volumes to the Church today.

Humble Submission to the Authority of Scripture
To protect the church from the erroneous views on the study of Scripture, here are three key features of an evangelical approach to interpreting the Old Testament:

Is Jesus Truly God?
Jul 15 2020
Is Jesus Truly God?
 TJ Caparros
The main purpose of studying Church History is to help us understand Christ better. Your understanding of who Christ is can affect your salvation and ultimately, your eternal destiny.

Truth Wars and Theological Developments in Early Christian History
Knowing the development of the church’s understanding of the inspiration and authority of Scripture and its relationship to the Gospel makes us see how God’s sovereign hand orchestrated events, both good and bad to accomplish His will.

Faith and Courage in Early Christian History
While the reasons for the persecution instigated by the Jews and Romans differ in some ways, the fundamental core undergirding the Christians’ response to physical opposition was the same. It was their identity in Christ and imitation of Him that caused them to lay down their lives for His sake.

Identity in Christ
May 19 2020
Identity in Christ
 TJ Caparros
It is interesting to note that God allows His servants to experience low points in their lives for them to realize that their identity should not be based on what they do for Him but on what He has done for them in Christ.

Jesus Driven Ministry
May 04 2020
Jesus Driven Ministry has taught me that everything I do as a servant-leader must precede from my intimacy with God and identity in Christ.