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Discipleship in the Local Church
Feb 04 2019
Those early Christians not only identified what their spiritual gifts were, but faithfully used them in the making of other disciples.

A Church Shaped By The Word
Jan 14 2019
Indeed, the Reformation has taught the church this very important principle: The absolute and timeless truths of Scripture has the power to change a life, a city and an entire generation. And if the 21st century church is to have the same impact, she must have the same desire and commitment to be influenced and transformed by Scripture alone.

The Relationship Between Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility
What a joy it is to know that whatever God allows to happen in our lives, His good plan will always prevail even when everything around us seems to be out of control. 

Through the Fire: A Test of Authenticity
Sep 13 2018
We can’t properly minister to this dying world if we are yet to reconcile things with those dear to us, because the urgency of our mission also calls us to be a shining light that doesn’t hide in the darkness of this world. Each believer is a missionary where God has placed them, planted there to lead others to Him. So allow me to end with this question: Are you the real deal?

True Freedom for the Captives
Aug 15 2018
Bringing the gospel of salvation and the message of hope to our policeman and prisoners, I pray that the Lord of the harvest will bless us with more laborers in the field. I also pray for sustaining grace so that we can continue this work until the day of the Lord.

1 Timothy: Serving Truthfully and Lovingly
Jul 11 2018
Ministry work isn’t easy. It’s the outflow of our fellowship with and love for God as He gifts us with talents and abilities. However, all of this must be done in truth and in love.

Worth The Wait
Feb 28 2018
Worth The Wait
 Julia Weigel
At the end, you will see God’s amazing work in your life and everything, including setbacks or success, will be worth it.

Redeemer’s Romance
Jan 09 2018
By His grace, let us embody the Redeemer’s romance in our day to day lives by remembering that the romance of this world does not match the romance of God. So next time we watch or read a man-made love story, bear in mind the story of Ruth.

Unashamed Of The Gospel
Dec 14 2017
As Jesus transforms our minds, our desires and our hearts, He gives us the conviction that people need to hear the gospel. The gospel did not spread through extravagant preachers but through everyday people whose lives had been transformed by Christ.

A Heart for Missions
Nov 28 2017
Missions is not simply a duty, but it is a love-driven purpose. It is God’s love for us and our response to His love that will eventually lead us to have a heart for people.